Mega Toosie+ Amp Pack (Kemper)

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This Amp Pack is compatible with Kemper Profiler.

ML Sound Lab Mega Toosie+ is an Amp Pack based on an original Mesa™ Boogie Mark IIC+™ tube head from 1984. The real life amplifier was accurately measured and fine tuned to perfect balance with an equal amount of bass, middle, treble and presence while going through all gain stages that the amp has to offer. This Amp Pack comes with 9 authentically matched profiles altogether.

Profile 1: Pristine clean

Profile 2: Edge of breakup

Profile 3: Pushed clean

Profile 4: Medium crunch

Profile 5: Rock rhythm

Profile 6: Full gain crunch

Profile 7: Tight high gain

Profile 8: Metal rhythm

Profile 9: Full gain lead

ML Sound Lab Amp Packs are perfect digital recreations of all that real life amplifiers have to offer when fine tuned to perfection. Microscopic detail has been paid in not only making the presets and profiles sound exactly like the real amplifier but also that they're reacting to dynamics and feeling just like the real thing. All real amplifiers get measured in multiple places before and after gain stages to ensure that these ML presets authentically sustain, saturate and are as tight or loose like the real life counterpart.

ML Sound Lab's Kemper Profiles are all "ML Merged Rigs" which requires a unique but accurately tested process to ensure a 100% clean separation of the amplifier and cabinet. This ensures that Kemper users will get extremely accurate profiles that are fully compatible with ML Sound Lab Cab Packs.

All Amp Packs come with a sample cab from an ML Sound Lab Cab Pack which was the actual cabinet used to interact with the amplifier when making measurements. This ensures that no matter what modeler you're using you will have the most authentic presets and profiles that interact with each other with never-before-heard accuracy. This makes ML Sound Lab Mega Toosie+ a perfect match with the ML Sound Lab Mega Oversize Cab Pack and when combined they open a door to an endless amount of authentic possibilities.

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