Amped VX30

The British Invasion guitar plugin.


Featured amp sims

  1. VX30 90s Bright
  2. VX30 90s Normal
  3. VX30 90s Jumped
  4. VX30 60s Bright
  5. VX30 60s Normal
  6. VX30 60s Jumped

Amped VX30 is based on two classic British combo amps - one from the 1960s and one from the early 1990s. This guitar amp design is the sound of the British Invasion, Queen, U2 and several rock bands ranging from alternative to indie.

This plugin runs ML Sound Lab's Vorna Amp Modeling, indistinguishable from real tube amplifiers. Hear it yourself and try it for free.

Compatible with: Windows/Mac - Standalone/VST3/AU/Mac AAX

3D Cab Sim

The Amped VX30 cab section includes VX30 90s based on the highly sought after blue speakers from early 1990s and VX30 60s based on the historic Pulsonic cones from the 1960s. Choose from 4 mics and move them from the middle to the edge of the speaker, front or back and even angle mics. The cab section allows you to also load in IRs.


Amped VX30 features a pedalboard with high quality effects pedals and studio effects.

Included pedals:

• Noise Gate

• Compressor

• Drive Pedal

• Chorus

• Analog Delay

• Reverb


Amped VX30 comes with a standalone program that is MIDI controllable and stage ready.


The latest Amped platform includes a reliable and precise guitar tuner section.

Video Demonstration

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