Place mics, mix cabs and export unlimited .wav IRs.

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MIKKO2 is the most sophisticated guitar cabinet simulator in the world featuring Mikko Logrén's entire cab collection. It is also a custom impulse response creation app that adds incredible tonal variety to all guitar modelers with IR support.

MIKKO2 features a raw unprocessed full resolution cab simulation that is higher quality than what any current modeler supports. Get MIKKO2 FREE to get a taste with one free cab.


Drag mics 360 degrees around the speaker, pull them back and angle them off-axis.


Mix-and-match 38 guitar cabs with 8 different mics and fine-tune inter-mic phase.


MIKKO2 is not just a plugin. Save your mic-ups as premium quality .wav IRs.

Includes 38 guitar cabs

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EQ Balance

Visually analyze and EQ your mic-up and save it as part of your exported IR.

Included mics

Game changer features

With MIKKO2 you can realistically place mics 360 degrees around the speaker while controlling the distance from the cap to edge or pulling the mics back to combat proximity effect or tilting the angle of the mics for a phasier character.

You can mix up to 9 mics simultaneously while controlling their volume balance and inter-mic phase with the new phase latency control.

MIKKO2 is a real game changer for mixing guitars - you can mic up guitar cabs to fit the mix in post rather than commit to a guitar tone early while being forced to fix your guitars with EQ.

Video Demonstration

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To purchase MIKKO2 FULL enter your request key from MIKKO2 FREE: