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Naturally Mix-Ready

Reflex IRs are raw and unprocessed captures that are naturally mix-ready. It has become common practice to rely on post-processing guitar tones and simply accepting the flaws in guitar cabinet designs. The reality is that traditional guitar cabs are not optimized for miking up but were designed for loud stage use while a modern guitarist's first priority is a high quality miked up guitar tone. While we love the sound of traditional guitar cabs, Mikko Logrén of ML Sound Lab has always felt a limitation that is out of his control - not anymore.

Everyone loves the big 4x12 closed back sound because of the extended bass response and depth, however that low end many times becomes a problem when trying to get guitars to sit in the mix. Also standing waves in most 4x12 designs add problematic artefacts in the mid-range. In comparison Reflex IRs have an even deeper bass response without a sharp resonant rumble frequency and an extremely neutral mid-range. Open back guitar combo designs tend to have a more neutral mid range, however they have a muddy build-up in the low-mids and lack deep low frequencies. All of these problems were solved at the source with a guitar cab designed for miking up.

FRFR - Fuller Range Flatter Response

Reflex IRs are ML Sounds Lab's FRFR IR solution. We take exquisite examples from our vast guitar speaker collection and maximize their unfiltered tonal character in a neutral guitar cab optimized for miking up. This is a beefed up and modified Zilla Fatbaby design built by Paul Gough and Zilla Cabs who have a couple of degrees in physics and maths combined with decades of guitar cab design experience. The end result was the most neutral guitar cab design we've ever experienced - the perfect blank canvas for amazing guitar speakers to live in.

What does it sound like?