Our aim was to create the easiest virtual drum sampler with the versatility to also meet the needs of professionals. Finally we have drums with ML Sound Lab's secret sauce: capturing the sound perfectly at the source without relying on mixing or post-processing gimmicks. The end result is natural drum sounds that work great in the mix.

ML Drums is a modular drum sampler platform where the initial release comes with a free drum kit. Continue expanding the kit to your liking by purchasing add-ons. Start expanding the kit with ML Drums EssentialsML Drums Luxe, ML Drums Meld and ML Drums Grit.

Compatible with: Windows/Mac - Standalone/VST3/AU/Mac AAX

How does it sound?

Under the hood

Behind the bare bones ML Drums user interface is a sampler engine that has taken four years of development. We set out to resolve some of the biggest frustrations in drum samplers - actions like setting up multi-out routing in a DAW only takes a few clicks.

One of the biggest bottle-necks for drum samplers is the lack of realism. The ML Drums engine combines as many velocity layers and samples as needed for realistic round-robin playback. The sampler features a HUMAN mode that masks velocity layers and adds realistic drummer fatigue that adjusts multiple things including velocity and micro-latency. 

The drum samples are handled in a smart way, measuring their loudness and placing them on a realistic volume curve referenced from actual drum playing. This means you can use MIDI velocity to realistically control how hard your virtual drummer is hitting without getting unrealistic volume changes, which is a problem with most drum samplers.

ML Drums comes with several mix-ready presets to get you going, but also features an advanced mixer for more experienced engineers. Each channel has a volume fader and a 3-band EQ with Q and frequency controls making all tracks flexible for every use case. Every track has a pro grade saturation algorithm that adds ideal odd harmonics to make drums thicker and cut better in the mix without adding volume. You can also control the amount of kick, snare, tom, hihat and ride bleed going into the overhead and room channels for a multidimensional drum sound.

The mixer also includes "76 style" compressors for the kick, snare, toms, room and parallel compression for the master channel. ML Drums also comes with an inbuilt reverb that you can modify to fit your needs by setting the length of the tail and your own mix of kick, snare, toms and room sends.

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