Halloween Cab Pack 2023

IRs Based On Top 9 ML Guitar Cabs – Frighteningly Good

LIMITED EDITION: Available until October 31st

Featured cabs

  1. ANGR - Based on Engl™ 4x12 with 90s UK V30s
  2. BGNR-GB - Based on Bogner™ 4x12 with 90s UK Greenbacks
  3. MARS-GB - Based on British 4x12 with 90s UK Greenbacks
  4. MARS-MOFO - Based on British 4x12 with V30MFs
  5. MARS-PR-M75 - Based on British 4x12 with T1221 pre-Rola™ Greenbacks
  6. MEGA-GB - Based on Mesa™ 4x12 with 90s UK Greenbacks
  7. MEGA-OS- Based on Mesa™ Oversize 4x12 with '00 V30s
  8. MEGA-TR- Based on Mesa™ Traditional 4x12 with '04 V30s
  9. TONY - Based on '74 Laney™ 4x12 with T1221 Graybacks

This impulse response collection features Mikko's personal top 9 guitar cabinets, each offering three distinct variants. You'll find the ideal Shure™ SM57 sweet spot, a richer two-mic mix, and our new innovative 'PRO' IR format, designed for seamless integration into your mix. The 'PRO IRs' maintain warmth without flub, enhance mid-range clarity, and optimize frequencies in the high-mids while minimizing undesirable treble frequencies for a polished sound.

As always this Cab Pack includes 500ms and 200ms .wav IRs at 16/24bit with sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, and 96kHz. The files are provided in both raw and minimum phase transformed (MPT) formats, ensuring compatibility with all modelers and IR loaders.

Video Demonstration