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ML Drums Essentials expands your drum kit with:

  1. Kick mics: B52A, M250 & P52G
  2. Snare tunings: Low & High
  3. Tom T SCWB 10"x7"
  4. Floor Tom T SCWB 16"x14"
  5. Crash S AX 19"
  6. Crash S AX 20"
  7. China S AX 19"
  8. Splash S AX 10"
  9. Splash S AX 8"
  10. Stax C
  11. Bell C
  12. Mini China C

You’ll never run out of options with ML Drums Essentials. Whether you need a beefier kick, a snare tuning that fits your song better, or if you just want more toms and cymbals, ML Drums Essentials has you covered.

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Get ML Drums Essentials

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