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What's included?

ML Drums Grit is an expansion pack for ML Sound Lab's modular drum sampler platform which adds a huge sounding full drum kit. The samples were recorded through rare analog hardware chains at Finnvox B-Studio (Helsinki) during the recordings of the upcoming "Blind Channel - EXIT EMOTIONS" album. The drums were recorded with some of the most sought after mics, Neve 1073s/1081s, Pultec and API EQs and the UREI 1178.

ML Drums Grit is based on:

  • Gretsch™ Bell Brass 14"x6.5" Snare
  • Pearl™ Masters 22" Kick
  • Gretsch™ Drop G (1979 - 1981) 13", 16" & 18" Toms
  • Zildjian™ A-Custom Cymbals: 14" Hihat, 18", 19" & 20" Crashes and an Ultra-Hammered 19" China.

Behind the Scenes

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