ML Drums Free

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ML Drums Free comes with a free drum kit that includes: 

  1. Kick T SCWB B91A 22"x16"
  2. Snare T SCWB 14"x5.5" (1 tuning)
  3. Snare T SCWB V1 14"x5.5" Mid
  4. Tom T SCWB 12"x8"
  5. Floor Tom T SCWB 14"x12"
  6. Hihat S AX Stage 14"
  7. Ride S HH Rock 20"
  8. Crash S AX 18"
  9. China S HX 20"

We are proud of ML Drums and want everyone regardless of budget to experience the ease of use and professional sound quality. This serves as the perfect platform for our modular drum sampler.

Compatible with: Windows/Mac - Standalone/VST3/AU/Mac AAX