ML Drums Luxe

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ML Drums Luxe is an expansion pack for ML Drums Free and adds:

  1. Snare L Beauty 14"x6.5" (8 tunings)
  2. Snare L Beauty Dry 14"x6.5" (7 tunings)
  3. Snare L Magic 14"x6.5" (8 tunings)
  4. Snare L Super 14"x5" (8 tunings)
  5. Snare L Super HH 14"x6.5" (9 tunings)
  6. Kick L 70s 24"x14" (4 mic options)
  7. Tom L 70s 12"x8" (2 mic options) 
  8. Tom L 70s 13"x9" (2 mic options) 
  9. Floor Tom L 70s 16"x16" (2 mic options) 
  10. Floor Tom L 70s 18"x16" (2 mic options) 

Get some of the most recorded industry standard snare drums with up to 9 different tunings per snare. On top of that get the kick and toms suitable for classic Beatles and Led Zeppelin tones with both modern and vintage mic ups.

Compatible with: Windows/Mac - Standalone/VST3/AU/Mac AAX

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