ML Drums Yamz

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ML Drums Yamz is an expansion pack for ML Sound Lab's modular drum sampler platform based on:

  • Yamaha™ Recording Custom: 22" Kick and 10", 12", 14", 16" Toms
  • Yamaha™ 14"x6.5" Mike Bordin Signature Snare
  • Yamaha™ 14"x5.5" Roy Haynes Signature Snare
  • Yamaha™ 13"x6.5" Steve Jordan Signature Snare
  • Yamaha™ 14"x4" Maple Custom Snare
  • Yamaha™ 14"x5.5" Maple Custom Snare
  • Zildjian™ Cymbals: 14" New Beat Hi-Hat, 20" K-Custom Dark Ride, 18" A-Custom EFX Crash,  17" K-Custom Dark Crash, 18" K-Custom Dark Crash, 10" K-Series Splash, 20" A-Series Crash/Ride & 16" Oriental China Trash.

Compatible with: Windows/Mac - Standalone/VST3/AU/Mac AAX

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